MeshCube is the All-in-One IoT solution that offers multiple services for the Smart Building market into one single platform:
• location of people and assets inside the building;
• identification and geo-localization of alarm events (call button, man-down, impact, fall);
• monitoring of climatic and air quality parameters;
• control of field sensors and actuators;
• management of fleets of BLE beacons used for indoor navigation and wayfinding applications.
MeshCube is based on Wirepas Massive technology and, thanks to its cable-less architecture exclusively based on battery-powered devices, it guarantees the lowest cost of ownership.
MeshCube includes three optional modules, that can operate independently of each other compared to competing solutions on the market:


Communication and positioning infrastructure is entirely based on Wirepas mesh network.
This implies that no additional communication infrastructure is required (e.g., LAN, WLAN, …).
Moving tag signal power to nearby anchors is computed and forwarded, through the mesh network, to the mesh gateway (sink of the network). Depending on the size of the network, more than one mesh gateway can be required.
Mesh gateway is directly connected to a local server where the BlueUp Positioning Engine (BPE) is installed. BPE integrates algorithms based on trilateration, that allows to compute tag position from RSSI information from each anchor.
BPE provides REST APIs in standard JSON format, that allows to get tag(s) position in real time.

MeshCube Modules

MeshCube includes three moduls:
MeshIPS for smart tracking (people, assets) and personnel safety applications.
MeshSense for indoor climate and air quality monitoring.
MeshBeacon for centralized monitoring and configuration of BLE beacons fleets used for app-based indoor navigation.


MeshIPS uses Wirepas Massive, previously known as Wirepass Mesh, to provide scalable and cost-effective solution to connect and localize tags and sensors. Its unique low-power mesh operation allows to create fully battery-operated networks having years of battery lifetime.
This solution offers an easy to install and scalable location system for a wide range of applications (warehouses, hospitals, building sites, tunnels,...), consisting of a cable-less infrastructure for asset tracking without any complex planning or cabling cost.
The MeshIPS delivers typical performance of room/zone accuracy with a typical location interval of minute(s) and years of battery lifetime, with the lowest infrastructure and ownerships cost on the market.


MeshCube is equipped with sensors connected to a mesh network, which allow the measurement of temperature, CO2 level, humidity and pressure of indoor spaces.
Thanks to these functions it is easy and fast to always keep air quality under control and decide to open the windows or activate the mechanical entilation only when it is actually necessary.


MeshBeacon offers a BLE beacon fleet management system for building indoor navigation and wayfinding apps or for proximity services.
Finding your way around large spaces, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, are often difficult. Indoor navigation solutions based on smartphone apps and BLE beacons allow you to provide users with an immediate and easy-to-use solution to move around the interior quickly and directly, without the risk of getting lost.
It is also possible to provide the user with contextualized information in order to improve the user experience of the environments and increase the degree of satisfaction. This is possible through simple BLE beacon infrastructures, which act as beacons for users' smartphones.