Equipment tracking

The adoption of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) with Bluetooth LE tags applied to hospital assets allows to have a global view of the location of all equipment at any time and allows you to track a history of the locations. Why are these two functions important?
Hospital staff waste a considerable amount of time searching for medical equipment. Being able to know the position of assets in real time reduces search times to zero.
The loss of time is compounded by the costs associated with the underuse and / or loss of medical equipment in health facilities.
By adopting IPS solutions, the hospital's Purchasing and Logistics Managers are able to monitor, and thus optimize, the utilization rate of the various devices (saving on new purchases) and to prevent the loss or theft of assets.

Staff localization

Intervention times and efficiency in the implementation of processes play a fundamental role in how hospital medical / nursing staff can meet the needs of patients. RTLS and IPS solutions are able to improve the level of collaboration and operational efficiency of staff, thanks to real-time localization.
The doctor or nurse equipped with smart tags (in card, badge holder or pendant format) can be identified and tracked down in case of need or emergency. Via simple user interfaces (vibration, sound) on smart tags, it is possible to notify operators of location-based alerts
The same devices also make it possible to control the presence of patients in the ward and locate hospitalized people, in order to prevent or identify alarm situations (removal from the ward, accidental events, gatherings).

Nurse safety

Healthcare professionals frequently face critical situations associated with potentially dangerous and sometimes aggressive behaviors on the part of patients or their families. This constant pressure leads to poor working conditions. It is therefore important to prevent these situations so that employees perceive a safe working environment (resulting in increased levels of motivation, efficiency and satisfaction).
Thanks to alarm and localization systems based on a wearable anti-panic button, such as the SafeX Tracer device, it is possible to reduce intervention times in the event of an emergency signal by an operator. The personal devices also implement the automatic detection of other adverse events (fall, impact, ...) further increasing the level of safety.

Indoor Navigation

Finding the way around large spaces, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, is often difficult. Indoor navigation solutions based on smartphone apps and Bluetooth LE beacons allow you to provide users with an immediate and easy-to-use solution to move around the interior quickly and directly, without the risk of getting lost.
It is also possible to provide the user with contextualized information in order to improve the experience of using the environments and increase the degree of satisfaction.
This is possible through simple Bluetooth LE beacon infrastructures, which operate as beacons for users' smartphones. BlueUp is able to offer various solutions in terms of hardware devices and Bluetooth LE beacon fleet monitoring platforms.


Bluetooth LE

Quuppa (RTLS AoA)

Wirepas (Mesh 2.4GHz)