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Technical documentation

Configuration and settings

BlueBeacon Manager App for Android

BlueBeacon Manager App for iOS

Technical performance

Technical documentation

Product datasheets User manuals and other support documentation

User manual for BlueBeacon-series beacons
User manual: contains also information on safety and warranty

BlueBeacon Gateway manual
BlueBeacon Gateway HTML documentation

Second-generation firmware (Ver 5.0 or newer)
Advertising packets: format of advertising and scan-response packets
Sensors packet: format of BlueUp Sensors-frame packet

First-generation firmware (up to Ver. 4.0)
iBeacon-version Services and Characteristics: GATT service for beacons with iBeacon technology (first-generation firmware)
Eddystone-version Services and Characteristics: GATT service for beacons with Eddystone specifications (first-generation firmware)
OTA firmware update procedure: procedure for over-the-air update of firmware
Configuration and installation procedures: general rules for configuration and installation of beacons

Beacon technology references

Apple Developers - iBeacon: Apple developer website on iBeacon technology
Google Developers - Eddystone: Google developer website on Eddystone beacons
Droidcon Italy 2016 - BLE beacons, Eddystone and Physical Web: workshop on BLE beacon technology held at Droidcon Italy 2016 (by BlueUp)

Physical Web

Physical Web: GitHub official Physical Web page (by Google)
Physical Web Getting Started Guide for Developers: a reference guide on Physical Web (by Google)
Eddystone beacon technology and the Physical Web: a review on Physical Web (by Mobiforge)
Web Bluetooth: API to discover and communicate with devices over the Bluetooth LE 4.0 standard using the GATT Profile (by Web Bluetooth Community Group)